o had wrought her● so much evil. Henry was moved■, and even shed tears,[252] but did no■t comply with the queen's w

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bottom of her heart the rights of ■this princess. She had yielded to her■ imagination, to the absolute w■ill of the king; her


marriage ha●d given her some moments of happiness, but her● soul was often troubled. She thought to herself● that the proud Spanish woman was the one to w■hom Henry had given his faith; and dou●bted whether the crown did not belong to ●the daughter of Isabella. Catherine's deat

h re■moved her anxieties. 'Now,' she ■said, 'now I am indeed a que●en.' S

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he went into mourning, b■ut according to the custom in France at that ■period. The tears of the people accomp●anied to the tomb


that unhappy an●d (to say truth) superstitious woman; ■but she was an affectionate mother,■ a high-spirited wife, and a queen of i●ndomitable pride.[253] This ■decease was destined to effect great chang●es in Europe. The emperor, who was forming a■ holy alliance to replace his aunt on t■he throne, and who, to succe■ed, had gone so far as to sacrifice■ the northern part of Italy, having nothi■ng more to do with Catherine■, sheathed his sword and kept Milan. ■Francis I., vexed at seeing {116} ●the prey slip from him which he■ had so eagerly coveted, and fa●ncied already in his hands, ■went into a furious passion, and prepared fo

r a■ war to the death. The emperor ■and the king of France, instead of marching t■ogether against Henry, began each of t■hem to court him, desiring to have h●im for an ally in the fierce struggle ■that was about to begin. At the same time Cath■erine's death facilitated, as we have said,■ the alliance of the king with the protestan●ts of Germany, who had maintaine■d the validity of his marriage with the ■princess of Aragon. One of their chie■f grievances against Henry VIII. had■ thus disappeared. Both sides now thought t■hey could make a step forward and

strive to■ come to an understanding theologically. The● points on which t

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hey differed ■were important. 'The king of ●England,' they said at Wittemberg, ■'wishes to be pope in the place o●f the pope, and maintains most of th■e errors of the old popery, such as mo●nasteries,[254] indulgences, the ma●ss, prayers for the dead, and other Ro■mish fables.'[255] =DISCUSSIO■N AT WITTEMBERG.= The discussi



on began ●at Wittemberg. The champions in the theologic●al tournament were Bishop Fox and Archdeacon Hea●th on one side; Melanchthon and L●uther on the other. Heath, one of the y■oung doctors whom Queen Anne h●ad maintained at Cambridge U●niversity, charmed Melanchthon exceedin■gly. 'He excels in urbanity a

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